Thursday, March 23, 2006

u r what u eat

last 2 weeks, i did my blood test. and guess what. high LDL. serious. no, am not fat. am thin. like 43 - 44kg (jangan ingat ni berat sekampit beras lak). or maybe that number's okay for my height. and my height? like supermodel (di alam fantasi). petite, yes, that's the word.

and right after i got the result, my sis asked me "kolesterol ko tinggi nih. ape ko makan?". and i was like "huh? biar betul". "ko kene jaga makan ni. kalau tak jaga awal-awal nanti susah".

now, let see what i ate. breakfast 9:30 am, mee goreng @ kuetiaw goreng @ nasi lemak @ roti canai. lunch 3:30 pm, nasi goreng @ maggi goreng @ roti bakar. dinner 8:30 pm, sometimes i skipped dinner but usually i HAVE to makan jugak. if not, my mum will bising. kalau makan di luar, usually it's KFC and sometimes pizza hut and seafood and all that goreng-goreng stuff. but the fact is that aku sebenarnya jarang makan. now you see where's that 43kg came from?.

mulai minggu lepas, i started my diet (konon). i took dutch lady low fat milk + oat for breakfast. wheatmeal crackers for lunch. and dinner, kene makan jugak. and lots of fruits and vegetables. and my regular mondays, wednesdays and fridays aerobic.

so far, so good. maybe a month after this i'll do the check up again. see whether my LDL is still high or not.

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